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The mission of New Albany Montessori School is to educate children, applying the philosophy and principles of the Montessori methods, to enable them to develop their intellectual, emotional, spiritual, moral and social abilities. Our aim is to serve the community now and for the future through quality education. 


From birth, children begin to develop the skills to acquire the knowledge and characteristics of adulthood. It is their greatest undertaking -developing into the adult person they will become. At New Albany Montessori School we believe that it is easier to build a child than repair an adult.

During a child’s early years, when a child is developing their mind, they are in constant motion. We see children coming to grips with their environment, and we often call it play: but it is indeed their work. The touching, the manipulating the tasting, the smelling are all part of the difficult task of becoming an adult.

Our Montessori program is designed to help each child develop the qualities of self-discipline, self-knowledge, concentration, and independence that will enable him or her to be a confident, competent person throughout life. A specially prepared environment provides a wide variety of equipment and allows each child the freedom to choose his or her own activities according to his or her interests and abilities. The freedom of the classroom is freedom within limits. 

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