Our Curriculum 

The Montessori classroom consists of children ages 3-6 years. The older children serve as role models to the youngest children and the older children benefit by guiding them as well. 

The areas of the classroom are:

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Ideally, your child will complete his/her school experience in the same classroom with the same teacher. This continuity further aids in their emotional and educational growth and development. As children learn by doing, all areas of the classroom involve manipulation and exploration. 

  • Practical Life:
    Lessons of care of the person and their environment. These lessons develop order, concentration, coordination and independence.

  • Sensorial:
    These materials isolate the senses and help to discriminate, similarities and differences in shape, size, color, texture and sound.

  • Math:
    Children experience abstract concepts from counting to mathematical operations through manipulation of these simplified materials.

  • ​Language:
    The language area of the classroom is phonetically based and sensorally experienced. The learning process is broken down into many components from vocabulary building to reading.

  • ​Cultural Arts:
    Geography, Science, Art and Music enhance the child’s full experience in the Montessori classroom. ​